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And you thought Single women with cats were bad!

I introduce to you the boyfriend pillow – for all those crazy middle aged single women out there who got tires of collecting cats!

This was used before Google Street view

Digging through the internet I found an early prototype of Google street view.

Teaching today - touching tomorrow!!!

Wow, I’m not sure I want my kids to go here!

Best Gift Card offer ever!

I’m all in for this gift card unless it’s offered at Walmart..

Get off my LAWN!!!

In the original casting for Gran Torino the producers wanted this angry tree as the leading role. However the tree was asking for too much money and Clint Eastwood was eventually cast for the role.

A Car Orgasm

Posted: September 25, 2013 in 2013 - LOL Products, Automotive
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A Car Orgasm

Rarely seen in the wild – a rare picture captures the Toyota at the moment of orgasm.

Plotting and waiting

By day they hold paper – by night they are plotting their revenge!